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VFX Compositing Assignment

This is my very first attempt at 3D Tracking, applying Image Based Light in Maya and Compositing in Nuke. There’s a lot of room for refinement and improvement.


Illustration Portfolio 2013


Elena Lam Illustration Portfolio 2013


For the theme of ‘Eden’ I explored the concept of personifying the realm of Eden as a character instead of a physical space. Similar to the garden paradise in the bible, the Eden character was once ‘perfect’ but eventually became corrupted and tainted by ‘sin’. Eden is portrayed as a flower and a predator at once in order to parallel human evolution and simultaneous deterioration from ‘purity’ throughout the ages.

(Online)EdenFinal Illustration (Digital, 30cm X 30cm)

(Online)(Sketch)Eden01Developmental Drawings

woland scanFinal drawing used for the final illustration.

(Process) Eden (GIF)Digital Painting Process