Character Modelling: Head & Torso

[Blog]CharacterModellingHead02Polygon Model of Character Head (Beginning of Face)

This week we had a more thorough lesson in 3D modelling with Sang using his character sheet. We began each character element with either a basic polygon cube or plane in Maya. But first we imported image planes of the character sheet to use as modelling guides. Using mainly the front and side view of the character, Sang introduced us to Maya’s (new?) Modelling Tool Kit side panel and taught us how to utilise it to add cuts, manipulate vertices and extrude faces in order to create the character’s torso and then his face. We ended at a place partially at the place of the skull.

I’m not sure if I would be able to use this process in Maya to create my own character as I had already decided to use Z-Brush.  SO after the lesson I had a short chat with Sang and he gave me some encouraging pointers on how to use Z-Brush to model the Primordial character.  He told me to familiarise myself as best I could with Z-Brush brushes, Dynamesh, Subtools, Polypaint, Spotlight and normal/displacement mapping.


Polygon Model of Character Torso (Unsmoothed)


Polygon Model of Character Torso (Smoothed and Subdivided)


Polygon Model of Character Head (Beginning of Face)


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