Character Ear & Hand Modelling + Retopologize Mesh With Quad Draw

We continued with out character modelling lessons with ear and hand modelling this week. I had an easier time following and understanding the ear tutorial than the hand modelling. Seeing as I have problems drawing hands in 2D I wasn’t that surprised.  The ear began as a single flat plan that was rotated then sectioned, extruded and moved to fit the ten edge hole with left on the side of the model’s skull last week. The hand was modelled off of a basic cube polygon, when it came to the point of extruding and modelling the thumb it became more difficult for me to keep up. Thankfully I did.


Character Ear Modelling


Character Hand Modelling Beginning with Basic Cube Polygon


Character Hand Modelling (Thumb)


Completed Hand Model (Smoothed View)

During the last section of our day, Sang briefly taught us how to retopologize a high-poly Z-Brush model in Maya using the Quad Draw tool. This was immensely helpful for me considering I would need to the exact same thing once I complete my Primordial sculpt in Z-Brush and would have to bring it into Maya to be textured and rigged. The process he showed us was quite fun and surprisingly straight forward but I think he’s going easy on us at this point.


Retopologized Low-Poly Model & Z-Brush Sculpt in Maya


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