Character Design: Primordial (Concept Illustration & Turnaround)

Concept art painting time! My favourite part of any production process. I wanted to quickly conceptualise the angry and destructive personality of the character. I reverted back to my comfort zone and used the smokey black and white illustrative style that I am fond of. The head shape of the monster differs from the sketches that I was working on, I gave it another set of heavy horns along with a double set of mandibles. I wanted to make the character more intimidating and emphasise how predatory it is.


Primordial Concept Art

I also made the character’s model turnaround sheet; front, back, profile and three-quarter poses. This process too the longest time as I was particularly concerned with making him as anatomically correct as I am able to with my limited knowledge. Drawing his tentacles from behind was the area that I had the most difficulty with. While I was working on the model sheet for Primordial I started to consider sculpting and modelling in Z-Brush instead of Maya. The character was becoming more complicated and detailed on the model sheet and concept art so Z-Brush has become the best option for me. And also the most ambitious. So with almost no knowledge or experience with Z-Brush, I am now going to embark on my first 3D sculpting project.


Primordial 3D Model Sheet Turnaround


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