Environmental Squares

I revisited a project series that I has been on hold for the last year or so. I’ve always been impressed with Instagram images of different places and environments, especially by how despite the limitations of a square image format the beauty and impact of each location is still retained. As a practice and a challenge for myself I tried to paint environmental squares from different locations. To further challenge myself I try to complete each painting to two hours. I only truly achieved this recently with the swamp painting. I find that capturing the colour and details of a landscape is challenging even when there are some places in the painting that I can get away with giving less details than what is in the reference image. I still like the square concept for environmental practice but I think that it’s time to move on to rectangular landscape work and more complex concept art paintings.


Environmental Painting No.4 Swamp


(Past Work 2014) Environmental Painting No.1,2 & 3 Indonesia, Ski Alps & Desert


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