Idea Nuggets: Alan Watts

The next Idea Nugget that I pitched to the group is based around a short audio segment of a talk that philosopher Alan Watts gave titled Out Of Your Mind. In this segment he encourages the listener to explore the possibilities of life through looking at one’s dreams. To consider oneself as a part of the world and hence ‘not as something here on probation’. The group was open about pitching a more reflective and philosophical idea to Axis so Sheila and I paired the audio with a short video clip from WWF Hungary Paper World animation that was directed by László Ruska and Dávid Ringeisen. Krish had shown us the video and the pairing of philosophy and origami animals fitted. Most people can relate to the need to question one’s purpose of existences, the reasons why and how and what do I do with myself today. Animals however do not have feelings of existential crisis, paper animals less so I should think. But I find the connection between the three as one that makes sense. At this point I haven’t a clue as to how this pitch can be be realised in a proper animation production but for the moment I think that it’s worth putting on paper and pushing forward.

I  have box hidden somewhere in my flat filled to the brim with origami cranes. After spending money on fancy origami paper I realised that receipts are actually a lot better than washi origami paper if a person wants to fold a teeny tiny crane. There is a Japanese urban myth that claims that folding a thousand cranes within a year will grant you a single wish. Now that I am in the last and probably final stage of my formal education I think it’s time to get back to folding. Just for luck.


Cranes In a Box


The Smallest Crane I’ve Ever Folded

After stumbling over a drawing/painting tutorial by Loish, I felt inspired and fired up. I took a couple of hours off yesterday to sketch random female drawings but only produced a single page that I felt remotely satisfied with.


Some Sketches


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