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Drawing Exercise (Drawing Machines, Interventions & Experiments)

Drawing Exercise (Drawing Machines)

Video of the Drawing Machine in use.elena 12photo 3I transformed the resulting artwork into cubes which I named Cosmic Cubes as they resemble star maps and star constellations.

(Process) Drawing Machines Constellation Cube


Drawing Exercise (Drawing Interventions)

For the Drawing Intervention project I folded a bouquet of origami lilies and planted them in bushes barren of flowers as well as the large staircase that connects Perth Road to the Industrial Park in front of Riverside drive.

(Process) Origami Lily (GIF)IMG_8221 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(Online)DrawingIntervention(Lily)07(Online)DrawingIntervention(Lily)02To continue with the them of using paper origami, I also made paper butterflies, crows and fishes. The intervention takes place in my back garden which is has almost no flowers and is overgrown with grass. The brightly coloured animals help bring a sense of life to an otherwise dreary and plain garden that is traditionally a place of beauty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Online)DrawingIntervention(Butterfly)01(Online)DrawingIntervention(Misc)

Drawing Exercise (Drawing Experiments)

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)03Non-Dominant Hand Drawing

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)02Life Drawing with Non-Dominant Hand

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)01Life Drawing with Non-Dominant Hand Drawing

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)(Frottage)(BlindDrawing)02Blind and Non-Dominant Hand Drawing with Frottage of a partial skull of a fallow deer.

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)(Frottage)(BlindDrawing)01Blind  and Non-Dominant Hand Drawing with Frottage of a statue in George Square, Glasgow.

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)(Frottage)Non-Dominant Hand Drawing with Frottage of a leaf.

(Online)DrawingExperiments(LeftHand)(ContinousDrawing) Continuous Line Drawing and Left Hand Colouring of the Magdalen Green Gazebo

(Online)DrawingExperiments(Frottage) Frottage Drawing of a partial skull of a fallow deer.

(Online)DrawingExperiments(ContinousLineDrawing)Continuous Line Drawing of a Moose Skull In Charcoal