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Ishtar: An Immortal (Poem)

The Poem for Ishtar
I am Ishtar,
and I am who I am
I am the First and I am the Last
When all other Gods are dead,
I will sing their final Requiem
Even in the brightest light of the Sun,
I am the Morning Star
And in the darkest night with no Moon
I am the Evening Star
The Shining Celestial Star of Venus
I am not just beautiful.
I am dark and powerful
I am unforgiving
I am your breath
I am your tears
I can hear you calling before you even speak it
I am love
And I am rage
My father gave me the heavens 
Kingship over the sky and sea he gave me,
Hurricanes and lightning I made
Queenship he gave me,
The Lion he gave me,
Waging of battle he gave me, 
the Attack he gave me
Woe betide he who would dishonour my name  
I will bring up the dead to eat the living
And I will lay your soul to waste
I will let the fire and smoke consume all of earth
And when everything burns to ashes,
I will be reborn.