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Deadly Cargo: Nuclear Death on the Road

01(Poster)(Digital)DeadlyCargo(Web)Deadly Cargo (Digital)

01(Poster)(ScreenPrint)DeadlyCargo(Web)Deadly Cargo (Screen Print)

For many years nuclear warheads have been regularly and secretly transported along the roads of England and Scotland in specially designed trucks in convoys that include armed escorts, communications and breakdown vehicles.

While a nuclear explosion is unlikely there is more risk of plutonium dust being released in the event of damage occurring to the warhead. On the wind, the dust can be spread to a large area and as the routes used by these convoys include not only motorways but ordinary single carriageway roads that pass close or even through local towns.

My imaginary play Deadly Cargo: Nuclear Death On The Road is based on this very real risk. I designed a screen print poster which focuses on the title and illustration of a cargo transport truck with trident missile warheads in its windshield. I carried on this emphasis towards the warhead transport lorry onto the set design model which transforms the cargo truck into a moving theatre.